Think you may have Shingles? Check your symptoms now.

It's not easy to tell if you have Shingles before the actual outbreak of the rash. Many of the symptoms (itching, burning, pain) some people feel before the rash can often resemble other diseases and conditions, including a bad sunburn or an allergic reaction. But this tool can help you learn more about the symptoms of Shingles and what you can do about them. If you think you have Shingles, see your doctor as soon as you can.

  • Before Shingles Rash
  • During Shingles Rash
  • After Shingles Rash
Where Shingles Symptoms Can Appear

You could feel an itch in any of these areas. Typically, you will feel it in one of these places, wherever the rash is.

Itching, Pain, Burning, Tingling


A few days before the Shingles rash appears, some people may first experience itching, pain, burning, or a tingling sensation on part of the skin.


2-3 days


Because the Shingles virus travels through the nerves, you will usually experience one or more of these symptoms in one localized area of the body, where one of the nerves from the spinal cord connects with the skin. Most often, these symptoms are felt on the torso, but you may feel them anywhere. When the rash appears, it will be in the same place where you felt the initial itching, pain, burning, or tingling.

What you can do:

Talking to your doctor at this stage is key. While there is no cure for Shingles, antiviral medications may help reduce the severity of the Shingles rash and the time it takes to heal. Antivirals are most effectives if prescribed by your doctor within the first 72 hours of the onset of symptoms.


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