Think you may have Shingles? Check your symptoms now.

It's not easy to tell if you have Shingles before the actual outbreak of the rash. Many of the symptoms some people feel before the rash (itching, burning, pain) can often resemble other diseases and conditions, including a bad sunburn and/or an allergic reaction. But this tool can help you learn more about the symptoms of Shingles and what you can do about them. If you think you have Shingles, see your health care professional as soon as you can.

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After Shingles Rash

Ear Complications


Very rarely, hearing loss and other problems associated with the ear can result from complications of Shingles.

When Shingles occurs inside or near the ear, it can lead to
Ramsay Hunt syndrome. This rare disorder causes facial nerves to become paralyzed. Ramsay Hunt syndrome can lead to hearing and balance problems, as well as weakness of the muscles on the affected side of the face.

What you can do:

See a health care professional immediately.